Private English Lessons and Tutors in London

Private English Lessons and Tutors in London

Whether living, studying or visiting London, being able to communicate in English will add to your experience. The better you can speak and understand the language, the more will be available to you.

An effective way to learn English is taking private lessons with a tutor. Although generally more expensive than classroom lessons, one to one learning can maximise your language acquisition and help you improve as quickly as possible. Private tutors can also assist in ensuring you are covering any specific areas you wish to focus on and dedicate your time to.

When searching for a private tutor, there are a few qualifications and checks worth considering before committing to booking your first lesson. These are listed below and are especially important if you are getting in touch with a privately advertised or independently sourced tutor. It is worth noting that if you are arranging private lessons through an accredited language school, in the vast majority of cases, the school will have already ensured the teacher has the relevant qualifications and records to teach English privately.


If you are going to spend time and money on private tutors, you should confirm your tutor has the relevant teaching qualifications before arranging your first lesson. Quite often, prices will vary, depending on the teacher's qualifications, and this is worth bearing in mind.

There are several different qualifications teachers can hold that ensure they are educated in the correct way to teach. Below is a list of the most popular:

  • QTS (Qualified English Status) in English
  • TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) qualification
  • CertTESOL (certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages)
  • CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
  • IELTS tutor (International English Language Testing System)

If your chosen teacher has any qualification aside from the above, you should consider researching the qualification online before committing to a lesson.


In addition to holding qualifications, reputable teachers may belong to an association. Teaching associations are designed to ensure good practice and standards are upheld. If your teacher states they are part of an association, you are able to check this information by contacting the association to confirm. Below are some teaching associations within the UK.

  • National Association of Teaching English -
  • QuiTE - The Association for the Promotion of Quality in TESOL -
  • IATEFL - International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language -
  • English UK -

CRB checks.

A CRB check is a report from the Criminal Records Bureau, which confirms whether the person in question has or does not have a criminal record. This is a very common check within the education sector with the vast majority of teachers working in the profession having one. The main focus within teaching is to check that the person is not restrained from working with certain groups of people.

Although CRBs are more commonly used when teachers are working with students under the age of 18, it is worth noting for anyone considering using a tutor for private lessons. Unless you have obtained details of a tutor that comes recommended from a trusted source, you are within your rights to ask if your potential new teacher holds a current clear CRB check which should help with any concerns about security when meeting for private lessons.

Once you have an idea of what you should look for, you need to find a teacher. Below are a couple of suggestions on where to search for private tuition:

LSBF School of English
Fifth floor, New Court, 48 Carey Street,
Westminster, London WC2A 2JE (Closest tube stations: Chancery Lane, Temple, Holborn)
0207 100 1808

A leading English language school that offers private tuition amongst many other options.

The British Study Centre - London
Hannah House, 13-16 Manchester Street, W1U 4DJ (Closest tube stations: Baker Street, Regents Park, Bond Street)
0207 317 0160

A language school in the heart of London with private tuition available.
Home Tutors UK -

A comprehensive database for searching home tutors.
Home Tutors Directory -

An unregulated directory for English teachers in London.