Learning English in London

Learning English in London

London is an exciting, vibrant and historic city, which are just a few of the reasons why it is so popular with visitors. Many people coming into London do so in order to study or find employment and a good standard of English language proficiency can allow these individuals to more easily reach their objectives. London boasts many high quality and established language schools, colleges and centres that offer English language courses for every conceivable requirement.

General English

The four main areas of English are speaking, listening, reading and writing and there are plenty of courses available to study all, or focus on a specific one of these areas. Additionally, within each area there are many subjects of study, for example grammar skills when writing and courses focused on mastering those areas are available. General English is provided for beginner all the way to advanced levels.

Specialised English

English language can also be sector or topic specific and there are courses available for most areas of language use. Learning the vocabulary and approaches to the practical application of English can be as critical to success as simply knowing the general language. Business English courses are popular and usually the most widely accessible, although English language courses are available for covering subjects such as finance, legal, accounting and engineering. Usually students would need to be capable of a good standard of general English before progressing to one of these courses.

Exam Preparation

Alongside the educational benefits, there are many tests and qualifications to provide evidence of proficiency and achievement in English language. Beyond the learning of the content required to take a test or exam, exam preparation includes practice in both completing past papers and exam techniques to assist students to achieve their potential.

Choosing how to approach learning to speak English can depend on each individual's situation. Some students may be in a position to commit themselves to a one-month intensive course at a school, whilst others may wish to study from home at a time convenient to them. The majority of the education providers in London offer a variety of learning options to their students. Some examples of these are:

Classroom lessons - sharing a class with other students, the teacher shall cover the course syllabus within a classroom of the school or college.

One to One lessons - with a dedicated private tutor, this is often a good way to maximize learning since in this situation the focus can be committed to the student's areas of weakness or interests.

Online and Distance learning - all required resources are provided to students who can then work through them in their own time. Tools and resources can include; books, DVDs, audio, online tests, video tutorials and tutor support via phone.

Language clubs - groups set up by educational institutions and other types of organisations both in schools and other venues such as cafés, restaurants or pubs, language clubs provide an informal, social and contextual way for students to learn, use and improve their English.

However students choose to pursue the development of their English language skills, they can be sure that London can offer not only an educational course for every requirement but also all the diversity, engagement and interest a student could wish for.